I am a mother of 5 children and grandmother of 6♥ After graduating from college with 2 degrees I jumped right into motherhood, and was pretty much a stay-at-home mom for 25 years.

Sometimes I felt like life was passing me by without a report card or paycheck to validate me.
I felt frustrated, sometimes depressed, and worried about our finances and some health problems that plagued us.

We weren’t prepared for retirement and we wanted to help build a school in India ⚖

In 2008 our youngest daughter was diagnosed with cancer and my mother died of leukemia.

In an effort to help my daughter I studied at the Robert O. Young Biological Research Center in California, becoming certified as a Nutritional Microscopist. I worked with 100’s to educate and motivate them through a demonstration and analysis of the quality of their own blood. I showed how specific treatment protocols or regimes, including changes to our everyday lifestyle choices, affect the quality of our blood, and can determine a person’s health.⚛

Although this was fulfilling and rewarding, it was also quite an intensive JOB to sit behind a microscope and it was becoming too complicated, with NO retirement in sight.

In the process of evaluating products and various protocols I came across a new science-backed technology which enables me to share my talents and help many more people simply prevent DIS-EASE and reverse aging and cellular breakdown ヅ

I became part of an early growth stage of a publicly traded biotech company that is expanding globally. I’m looking to mentor and develop leadership teams, partner with entrepreneurial-minded people, creating sustainable economies and changing lives.

I believe PROGRESS➤ is our natural tendency. ✬ ⋆★ ✶✧

And I’m delighted to be creating an abundant and prosperous future now by helping others


♥ Love is happiness and abundance!

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